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ONLY HUMAN is a monologue series that is intended to explore human themes of a personal nature. It has been created through a collaborative process, between artists from around the world and the writer. The final product is a collection of monologues written with and for those individual artists. It is not about them as an individual, however it is something that the artist feels a personal connection to. This is a politically charged project, to shine a light on social issues, designed to challenge its audience to reflect and question themselves, their choices and the society that they are involved in and represent. The project is intended to be a continuous one, focussing on different issues throughout our society each episode.

The questions that each of our artists was asked in order to create these monologues are below. The artist’s answers will never be released under any circumstances, and are permanently deleted upon completion of their phase in the project. This is to safeguard those we work with. Their safety comes first.

All the released monologues are freely available online, filmed by each individual artist during their quarantine of 2020 and 2021, speaking directly to the audience/camera. Thanks to a technical grant from Graeae Theatre Company and The Paul Hamlyn Foundation, future series of ONLY HUMAN will be filmed using a Nikon D7500 with 4k video capabilities. However, for the safety of our cast and crew, we will not be filming any new episodes in person until we believe it safe to do so.

Series 1

Series 2

ONLY HUMAN Artist Questions

  1. What is the social issue that you will be focussing on? Why? In what way has it affected your life or someone that you know?
  1. Are there any instances of this issue on a day-to-day level in society that some people who come from a more privileged position might not be aware of or notice? If so, how has that affected you or someone that you know?
  1. Are you hopeful for the future, both in general and about your nominated societal issue? What is changing? What is moving faster?
  1. What are some events that have happened recently, if any, that have caused a massive response? Why do you think that reaction took place? How did you react? How did those who were less personally related to it react? In what ways were they similar, and in what ways were they different?
  1. What are some events that have happened recently, if any, that have not caused as justified a reaction as you think they should have? Why do you think that reaction did not take place? How did you react? How did those who were less personally related to it react? In what ways the same, and what ways differently?
  1. Is this more than just a social issue? Eg. Political or scientific. If so, how? Why do you think this is the case? If it is not, why? Should it be?
  1. There is a common discussion within society today that some social issues are reversing issues of inequality rather than collaborating to create equality. In what ways is this true? In what ways is it not? How do you feel about societal issues being metaphorically presented as a pendulum? That all social issues must reverse before finally settling in the middle/arriving at equality?
  1. Do individuals both within the community of your issue, and outside the community take things too far? Do individuals not take things far enough?
  1. What are some things that happen in today’s society about your nominated issue that you enjoy? Eg. Political or scientific breakthroughs.
  1. Is there a “right” outcome? Discuss. To you, what is it?
  1. Answer questions 7-10 again but from a different perspective. Perhaps use a stream-of-conscious whilst doing so; invite in a different perspective of the same issue; potentially a privileged position. This way we can let the debate take place within your monologue; the debate might not be genuine, it may be sarcastic, but the debate can only be had if we initially perceive multiple sides.
  1. Is there anything that you feel is distasteful and you do not want to be mentioned or included in this project?

Some questions may be uncomfortable for you to answer. If it is simply discomfort, we ask that you might lean into that and answer from that place. Not answering all questions, will not in any way disqualify you from this project. We do ask that if you have a problem with a question that you tell us why. This company, project, and series of questions has been created with the intention and aim of inclusivity, which we pride ourselves in. However, to create such projects may cause discussions in itself. We ask that you have those discussions with us. We are here to listen, discuss, question, and collaborate creatively. We hope you are here to do the same.

Thank you.